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About Flower Essences…

Flower Essences are Herbal Supplements

Flower Essences are liquid supplements

They can be taken as oral solutions or applied to the skin

Flower Essences capture the energy pattern of a plant’s flower

The energy of the flower imparts a vibrational pattern

The vibrational pattern of the plants balances our bodies electrical systems

The flower essences help us to release patterns or trauma

The flower essences help repair short-circuits to our electrical system

How to Administer Flower Essences

Directly in your mouth from dropper bottle

Diluted in water

Diluted into hot tea (dissolves alcohol)

Flower Essences can be applied to the skin

Spray bottle to spritz face, around chest and on your body

Dropper bottle to apply to palms of hands or pressure points

Dropper bottle to add to bath water

When to take Flower Essences

Flower Essences can be taken in emergencies- i.e. ‘Rescue Remedy’

Flower Essences can be taken for self-care

Flower Essences can be blended into a dosage bottle

Dosage bottles usually hold enough drops to take for one month

What do Flower Essences do?

Our bodies have an electrical system

When we experience stress, fatigue, trauma our system suffers

Flower Essences balance our short circuited electrical systems

Flower Essences help us tap into our inherent healing ability

Flower Essences provide support to balance our emotional bodies

Why take Flower Essences?

Flower Essences can help caregivers remain grounded

Flower Essences can help caregivers reduce transference issues

Flower Essences taken over time release old patterns

Flower Essences help provide insight on psychological issues

Crisis Management and Resolving Past Issues

Flower Essences can help someone who has been traumatized

They can help someone move beyond former limiting beliefs

They can support a transition in your life

Flower Essences help you to process feelings in a safe and healthy manner

They can allow your body’s wisdom to manifest from within